GSA Interview Audio Draft

For my story I decided to stick to the original theme of the contrast between work and travel as a ground service agent. With this first draft I chose a similar style as the previous audio projects to  hear how all of my clips sound together. I began with a base layer of an airplane engine running to tie in the airport theme. My original idea was to have this run through out the interview, low and subtly, but I found it too distracting. Instead, I had it fade out at the beginning of the interview clips, and fade in towards the end. To embellish the track I added chimes 1 and 2 from the previous audio tutorial project. I do however, plan on finding more original and applicable sounds for my final draft. When asking the questions, I didn’t get the most direct responses I was hoping for. On the production side, I had to cut, and rearrange the answers to make it flow better. The people I interviewed also had vastly different tones and volume levels, so I had to adjust the decibel levels to give it one consistent tone. For my final draft I will conduct a few more interviews so I can present a wider, more dynamic perspective. This should make the over all story more compelling. I also realize that some of the transitions are pretty rough. To correct this I will focus more on fading and volume levels, and may consider adding a different airport related sound bite, to increase authenticity. Another area I find this draft lacking is ambient noise. I believe the interviews themselves to be quite dull because the voice is the only thing featured. Adding a low hum like that constantly present at an airport may help had texture and atmosphere to the piece. I will also try to record various sounds of equipment operating, and agents talking to create more layer and dimension to the voices. All of the sounds are my own except for the airplane interior clip which was free to use and remix. You can find it at…ane-interior-1.mp3


4 thoughts on “GSA Interview Audio Draft

  1. Hi Richard,
    Overall I like the concept you are going for in your Audio story. I did have one small suggestion at I believe 35 seconds there is an out of place word spoken, “Agreed” that just seems displaced. This could have been intentional, however it throw me for a loop. I do like the use of the chimes that you included, I did an interview type audio for my story and I did not include that but I was pressed for time and I didn’t want to over lap to cause distraction. I also do not have any ambient noise in my audio story and after reading your post I now and reconsidering adding a little something to the background of my final piece. Thanks for adding that observation into your post it helped give some inspiration as to why its a good idea to do it. In your post you stated you were going to focus more of the volume and the fading in and out which I was going to add but you have that on the list. I think you are well on your way to a master piece! Good luck!


  2. Beebo,

    I enjoyed listening and reviewing your audio story! I think you created a great flow and all of your interviews seemed to run pretty smoothly. I feel your pain on not getting the best, and most direct answers when interviewing people. I find the same troubles. My advice would be to work on the transitions and trying to make them a little more smooth, which I feel like is one of the more challenging things to do. Its hard to make everything sync into one piece when dealing with multiple interviews and voices. I agree with you that adding a low hum could make the audio a little more interesting, so if possible you should try that! I think it’s smart that you want to conduct a few more interviews, it will add a little more contrast to your final copy. Overall, I think you did a great job!


  3. Hi Beebo,
    I thought you did a great job on this project! The flow of transitions between peoples’ answers went very well. I like how you included content from the audio tutorials and found them useful in your final project! I also admire how you received good quality feedback from those you interviewed. They seemed engaged and gave some good answers. If I would recommend something for this project, it would be to not have the sound on the airplane be quite as loud as it is now. It makes it seem like the sound of the airplane is more important than the audio but I am sure that is not the case! I would also adjust the fade out of the chimes in the beginning because it seems like it gets cut short. I do like your idea however for your final project to add sounds of an airport as ambient noise behind the interviews. I agree, interviews can sound dull but I think that is a great idea! Good job!


  4. Hello Russel, this recording fit perfect with you work and travel theme. You even took it up a notch as your recording sounded more like a professional travel interview. The airplane engine running was a great touch to tie in the airport theme. The chimes were a good touch. I am excited to hear the final draft to see what other creative things that you have planned. Some of the transitions are pretty rough, but overall it was good work. You made it interesting, fun and energetic.


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