GSA Interview – Final Audio Draft

Continuing with the work and travel theme of my blog, I conducted an interview with my fellow employees to get their perspective on the contrast. I sought diversity rather than depth, so I asked many people two simple questions: “Do you enjoy working as a ground service agent, why or why not?” and “What is your favorite travel experience using your flight benefits?” I found that my first round of interviews didn’t produce the best responses, because I took the first answer they gave, rather than inquire more to get more sound bites. I made my second round of interviews more personal, and conversational.  Stretching out the interview also made it easier to dissect the responses, and created more airtime which helped the rearranging sound more natural. I received a lot of valuable feedback from my peers regarding my first audio draft. The most common concern was with my transitions, and flow. I agree that some parts seemed choppy, and abrupt. In my final draft I did the best I could to use the full two minute time frame so it would not seem rushed. As promised, I switched out the recycled chimes from previous audition projects for more relevant sound bites. I found a great cabin PA chime that accompanies the piece rather well. Another concern that was voiced was my sound levels. I learned that the airplane hum was pretty distracting in my first draft so I adjusted the overall decibel level down even further. Perhaps my most obvious shortcoming was the lack of an introduction. My previous draft began with a question, rather than an explanation for what the track was about. I added a short description at the beginning of the track to help listeners understand what I was trying to convey in the story. Last of all, I believe I addressed the issues of fading in and out from my original draft. I accomplished this through trial and error. I played around with the starting and ending points of each intro and outro’s sound bite. All interview clips are my own. The free sound bites I used and their sources can be found below.

Airplane Cabin Chimes

Jet Landing Sample

Airplane Interior Ambiance    …ane-interior-1.mp3


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