Video Story Draft

My video story will be continuing the concept of previous projects. I hope to convey the contrast between work life and the travel it allows me to do on my days off. The beginning of this short video has two still images of me at work. I plan on replacing these images with live footage I capture of me doing my job. This draft as a whole is rather one dimensional, because of the lack of angles and distances I use with subject matter. To correct this I plan on implementing the 3×3 rule when shooting. All of the travel footage in the video was shot with an Iphone, and collected over the last two years. Unfortunately, several of the videos I could have included were taken vertically, and would not mesh well with the landscape format. I have since changed my ways, and vow never to shoot vertically again. The music took a surprisingly long time to find, and I’m still not sure whether it fits my overall theme. I got the song from They have a lot of great free content, which I will peruse more this upcoming week. Laying down the videos and photographs was a pretty easy task. I had trouble with the sizing of some of the pictures, but remembered how to adjust them after a while. I set anchor points and had some of the images shift and zoom to provide a more interesting element. One of my favorite parts was experimenting with the different video transitions. Some areas I plan on improving in my final draft are: adding narration, include text to geotag some of the images, and work with the transitions more. I would also like to add some relevant sound bites, like a airplane cabin chime, or jet engines idly running. I know this draft needs a lot of work so please comment any suggestions below!


4 thoughts on “Video Story Draft

  1. Good afternoon Richard,
    I really enjoyed watching your video! It was put together really well. I liked how you included text on the first 2 slides, indicating that in your final there will be more footage of you at work. I thought it was neat how you put photos of you traveling in the video to make it more personal and visually appealing. One thing I might add would be text to some of the photos, or possibly you narrating the viewers through the journeys that you have gone on, so that we can understand what the photos are representing! I really liked the music you chose as well, I feel like it fits in with the theme of your video. Overall I thought you did a great job and I can’t wait to see the final copy!


  2. Richard,
    This was a great start to your video project. It seems like you were having a lot of fun with this assignment. It looks like you live a really exciting life. Some of these images and clips were simply amazing! I would love to know where you were for a lot of the natural footage. That waterfall was beautiful! One strong point of this project was the music. I really enjoyed the song that you chose. It was upbeat and fun. For the purpose of your project I think that it was the perfect choice. As for areas for improvement I think you should add more video clips. I did notice that you planned on replacing some images with work footage so that should fix that. Next, I think that adding narration would be beneficial to this project. I would be careful with the music and narration right now your music is really loud but I think that it might not mix well with your narration if you add it. Overall great job though!


  3. Hi there, Richard!
    I like the overall theme to your blog, and I think the video does a great job of carrying that out as well. Your content is amazing, and I look forward to seeing you add more contrast with additional footage from your work life. All those places look incredible and really capture the interest of the viewer. I like how you credited your music, and showed you’re proficiency by adding text to the imagery. I think the music choice was great, but I think adding some narration in at some point would add a nice element of depth as well. Labeling the photos and videos to designate where it is being shot would add some good context for the viewer as well. Overall, you did a fantastic job. Keep up the great work; I look forward to seeing your final draft.
    Thank you!


  4. Richard, I really loved your transitions between video shots. They were mostly very smooth but some need more work. I love your topic and the footage you used. I love how you included photos, as well as videos of your adventures. The song in the background wasn’t bad and I think it fit well with your project but I bet you can find something more your style. I do want to say thank you for putting down the website you used for your soundtrack because I really needed another source. As you’ve stated, I do need to add some narration and more titles to the video but overall it is well put together.


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