Video Story Final

My video story draft needed a lot of work. First off, it wasn’t much of story, because it had no explanation. The lack of narration was my number one critique, so I added a few short remarks at the beginning and end of the video to provide context. Since it was only a 2 minute video I wanted to keep the information short so the viewer could pay more attention to the clips themselves. As promised, I added a few shots from work using the 3×3 method. One of my pet peeves on social media is when people post beautiful pictures and don’t include a description of where it was taken. As if we’re just supposed to know! I’m not sure if my travel captions added or took away from the overall presentation, but I like having them there. After searching for quite a while I came across’s free music collection. There I found the track “sunny”, which I think fits my overall theme perfectly. One of my biggest problems was adjusting volume levels. Premier’s audio adjustments weren’t quite as intuitive as Adobe’s Auditor. I also think parts of my narration are a touch too loud, but I didn’t notice it until after I already uploaded it to youtube. This story could have benefited from a more thorough story board. I had began straying from the original one while I was splicing the clips together. This is because I was not aware of how my written concepts would transfer to actual video editing. Understanding that will be useful in future projects. The transitions between clips was a lot of fun to play with, but hard to get create uniformity without redundancy. There aren’t actually that many preloaded transitions, so I used anchor points to add additional movements between slides. My main regret with this project was only having 2 minutes to show it all. I now have a better understanding of what can and can’t be conveyed in 2 minutes! I want to say thanks to all my peers for their valuable feedback! Hope you enjoy!


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