Reflection Blog Post

Multimedia Content Creation 210 was one of my favorite online classes of all time. The clear instruction, and hands on experience made it effective and enjoyable. My favorite part of the semester was the Adobe Premier unit, which covered basic video editing. This section helped me to take more intentional photos and videos when I record an experience. Though vertical smart phone shots can help with depth perception, they don’t look that great when spliced into a movie. I really liked bringing my existing content to life by adding music, transitions, and action effects.

I fully intend on using my Adobe Photoshop and Premier skills in the future. Since technology is so readily available, these two platforms will come in handy often. With Premier I can chronicle favorite moments of my life, or develop how-to tutorials for beginners. Photoshop will especially be useful for trolling my friends, and coworkers.

Content creation will be useful in almost any endeavor I set out on. If I end up in Law Enforcement, I can use the skills I’ve learned to develop community outreach fliers, or public service announcements. If I go to work for my airline’s reservation department, I might use my Audition skills to create an employee performance review file.

This course was a great survey of the major media platforms. However, if there were more time I would have really enjoyed learning basic web design skills, or 3D object rendering. Though I don’t plan on needing either of those skills in the future, I would have been interested in knowing the processes people go through to create such content.

The learning material provided for this class covered almost every question I had. For the issues I was stuck on I found help through online forums by way of These forums feature people asking and answering particular questions about a program. Since Adobe’s programs are so big and functional, there are often unintuitive ways to complete a task. I’ve found it much easier to go directly to the web instead of spending several moments on trial and error. Adobe also provides great introductory videos that help jumpstart your base knowledge. These tutorials helped get me up and running with auditor, and illustrator; the programs I was least familiar with.

Communications 210 is a thoroughly enjoyable class that I would recommend to any student. The ability to create media content is especially needed in our technology driven culture. I’m not sure how else this class can improve its objectives and methods. My only difficulties in class had to do with the nuances of Adobe’s software. Perhaps a discussion post could encourage students to share what they’ve learned in dealing with the program. Overall, I’m very impressed with Professor Chelsea Newman, and my TA Chan Chen, and am very glad I took this course!


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